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Luminous Marked Cards For Poker Card Analyzer With Camera

We all know the back luminous marked cards for invisible ink contact lenses reading, do you know luminous marked cards for poker card analyzer reading? Do you know how they work?

Luminous marked cards for poker card analyzer also called barcode marked cards. The barcode marked cards are printed barcode on the four edges, these barcode marks are invisible to naked eyes, and they also can't be detected by invisible ink contact lenses or marked cards sunglasses, only the poker card scanner can scan the invisible barcode marks.

Now we have many poker cards analyzer, which is installed a scanning camera inside it, so it also has the function of poker card scanner. After the poker analyzer poker card camera scans the luminous marked cards, the poker analyzer will analyze the barcode marks and give out the accurate game result.

Most poker players like playing Texas Hold'em and they want to win much more money. If you use the luminous marked cards and poker card analyzer with camera, you can easily know the biggest winner, the first winner and the second winner, the rank of all poker players at the table.

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