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Luminous ink marked cards with HD shirt button camera

In the process of poker games, the camera lens can be fixed inside a lot of our daily items. Now, if you want to know more about how to gamble poker games in the casino, it is my pleasure to introduce the HD shirt button camera with luminous ink marked cards to you.

Beyond all questions, HD camera lens can be fixed inside the shirt button. On account of its mini size to the concealment, no one will find it at all. Used in poker analyzer system cheating, the HD shirt camera will work with a poker analyzer, barcode luminous ink marked cards, a remote controller and an earphone. The camera lens is able to scan the marked cards with a hundred percent of accuracy at any angle, and then will send the codes of cards to the poker cards analyzer that has powerful capability to analyze the poker result you need as soon as possible. More importantly, our any kind of poker analyzer is suitable for this camera like AKK poker analyzer, CVK poker analyzer, PK King poker analyzer and LD poker analyzer. Expect you can own one.

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