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Luminous Ink Kit Marking Mahjong

Have you ever play the mahjong games before? The game of Mahjong is very popular in many regions and more and more people are interested in. If you play the Mahjong game, do you want to find an easier way to win? I will introduce the invisible ink marked mahjong tiles for you.
The mahjong tiles printed invisible ink on the back and the marks cannot be seen by naked eyes. As long as wear our special contact lenses, you can see those marks (representing values) clearly. To some extent, the invisible ink mahjong is similar to the back IR marked cards which can be read by the infrared contact lenses or sunglasses. Therefore, it is very effortless for you to know mahjong hand of each player and the next mahjong tiles you will get from the mahjong table.
The marks on the back of mahjong tiles are very clear and they can be printed on mahjong tiles with 2 or 3 sides. Therefore, you can easily to indentify those marks. With the invisible ink marked mahjong tiles, winning mahjong game is a piece of cake for you.


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