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Luminous ink glasses for seeing marked poker cards

Luminous ink is tricky. In order to see luminous ink you must have a "Luminous Ink Glasses". What is the luminous ink glasses? It is a pair of glasses that allow you to see the invisible ink markings on the back of marked poker cards. The marked cards glasses have a tint of customized redness so that the invisible ink will stand out.

Marked cards glasses are the most common luminous ink reader. The luminous ink glasses are disguised as red sunglasses. The frames are authentic (any brand you want) glasses and can even be prescription glasses. The coat of red filter film on the glass is actually the luminous ink reader. These readers will be able to detect the luminous marked poker cards. This reader is the most cost efficient, durable, and safest type.

The power of the red tint goes along way. Just like making things 3d back in the 90's consisted of red and blue tints combined together. This acts somewhat of the same way. The redness makes the greenish invisible ink pop out. The power of the red tint allows the ink to be revealed!

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