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An amazing cheating product for poke games---Luminous ink contact lenses

Nowadays more and more people who are nearsighted would prefer contact lenses rather than eyes glasses. Because contact lenses has more power to make them beautiful or handsome than normal eyes glasses. But, have you ever thought about that contact lenses can also cheat in poke games to increase your chance to win.

Luminous contact lenses is such an amazing cheating device. It, like the ordinary contact lenses, also has many specifications, some could be used for months, some could be used for half of a year, and others could be used for a year or more than one year. It is all up to you. How to use it to cheat in poker games? It is easy. You just need to prepare one deck of back invisible ink marked playing cards. While playing poker games, wearing the luminous contact lenses can look through the number and suits of marked cards from the back.

When it comes to marked playing cards, there are many different marked playing cards you can find in our company, such as, bicycle marked playing cards, bee marked playing cards, kem marked playing cards and the others. You can customize your special marked cards for luminous contact lenses. We will try best to meet your reasonable requirements.

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