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Luminous Ink Contact Lenses With Juice Marked Deck

The luminous ink contact lenses are for reading the juice marked deck at cards playing cheating or magic shows. Have you ever play Blackjack poker games? Now we introduce you a kind of magic contact lenses for Blackjack poker cheat.

There are 2 types of luminous ink contact lenses to read different luminous invisible inks of juice marked deck under different light. The UV invisible ink contact lenses are for reading UV ink marked deck. The IR ink contact lenses are to recognize the IR ink marked deck. The luminous ink contact lenses used at Blackjack can aid you knowing the poker faces of next cards. When you play the game, you will read the marks on cards clearly. From the marks, you will know the value of next card easily. With this advantage, you will be able to decide how to play the following sections to up to 21 points as close as possible. As a result, winning can be enhanced to the largest extent.

The luminous ink contact lenses will not change your original eyes' color too much. And there are different pupil’s sizes for your options.

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