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Luminous contact lenses for marked cards

Luminous contact lenses is a wonderful poker cheating device for reading marked cards at poker games, which is loved by many poker players all over the world. Using luminous contact lenses in poker games, the user is able to see through the invisible mark on the back of marked cards while other's naked eyes cannot see.

Our luminous contact lenses have various center diameter, including 4mm, 7mm and 9mm. Luminous contact lenses with 4 mm covers just for the pupil, while with 7mm and 9 mm cover for the iris. In addition, the center diameter can be customized with accordance to your requirements. Our contact lenses is made of a high-quality material--HEMA, which leads to the comfort and harmless to humans eyes. The luminous contact lenses can also be used in dice games, private games, entertainment and self defend while playing games.

We have always devotes ourselves to developing and improving our products stock to satisfy our customers' requirements and demands, and we will continue to try our best to make us and our customers get a win-win situation. Our company deserves your trust!

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