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Lighter camera lens for poker analyzer system

Lighter is a daily subject around us, a device that is usually used to set on fire. But the lighter I talk about today is special. It is a cheating device in poker games.
There is only one set of camera lens equipped into the lighter, which is high definition camera lens. This built-in camera lens is so mini that other player failure to find it. And it is a short distance camera to scan the edge invisible ink marked cards within 20-30 cm. While playing poker games, you just need to put the lighter on the table, let the lens face towards the edge invisible ink marked cards, and then use the remote controller to turn the power on. It scan the cards immediately and send the data to the poker analyzer that is powerful to decode the edge invisible ink marked cards without any mistake. Within 1-2 seconds, you can hear the result with 100% accuracy through the mini earphone. The lighter camera lens will be turn off if it is idle for fifteen seconds. So it also is a energy-saving type. With the help of lighter camera lens, the poker analyzer system can work more smoothly and efficiently.
In addition, you can find other camera for poker analyzer system in our company, such as cell phone camera lens, wallet camera lens, watch camera lens, button camera lens, astray camera lens and so on. Please feel free to contact us if you have any need of camera lens for poker analyzer.

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