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Lens and analyzers for Bicycle marked cards

Have you ever used Bicycle marked cards in your poker games? Do you want to win more money? If you are confused about other poker cheating devices, you can choose our Bicycle marked cards to help you win a lot of money.

Bicycle marked cards are divided into two types, back marked cards and barcode marked cards. Infrared contact lenses are designed to read the invisible marks, indicating numbers and suits of cards, of back marked cards. While poker analyzers are used to decode the invisible barcodes, printed alon g the edge of cards, of the barcode marked cards.

Owing to the component of special material in the center of contact lenses, our infrared contact lenses for back marked cards is comfortable and harmless for human eyes. And the poker analyzer for barcode marked cards can decode the marked cards with fast speed, strong stability and 100% accuracy.

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