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Your leather belt can be made into leather scanning camera

Can you imagine that your belt be processed into a belt scanning camera cheating in poker games? Never doubt about it, it is true. We install a camera lens inside the buckle of the belt. It's so concealable that no one can find it. This camera lens can scan and track the cards automatically and its distance for scanning is various which is all up to you. It means that the scanning distance can be customized by you, on matter long distance or short distance, we will meet all your need. The belt scanning camera is still a real leather belt but can help you with your poker games, that can be used in many different poker games, such as texas holdem, omaha, baccarat and so on. And it has a pretty simple operation. You just need to turn on the switch, then the camera lens can start working quickly. The camera lens scan any barcode invisible ink playing marked poker cards, analyzer the information and report to you within 0.3s. It is a single person operation, need no partner. The belt scanning camera is a scanning with simple operation and convenient to work at any poker games. 

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