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Land Rover car key poker scanner

With the development of the economic, car has been come into people's home. Now, an increasing number of people go outside by their own car, so it is pretty normal that you see many people in some places with cark key in hand. So does the casino. A lot of players are allow to bring car key to casino.
Aim for this situation, our company has designed a Land Rover car key poker scanning, which is the main part of the poker cheating device. We install an high definition camera in the car key that is used to scan the barcode invisible ink marked cards on the table in poker games. The scanning distance between the car key and marked playing cards is 23-40 centimeters. Maybe you are worried about the battery, If you want to stay in casino for several hours. Trust me, it is not the point you are worried about. The battery of the car key poker scanner camera can work continuously long up to 4 hours and it can be changeable. And this car key poker camera lens is designed to work with any poker analyzer in our company, such as AKK poker scanner analyzer, CVK poker winner predictor, PK King poker analyzer, V68 poker analyzer, MDA poker analyzer, LD poker predictor and so on.
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