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Keychain Poker Camera for Barcode Marked Cards

In order to avoid attracting attention or arousing suspicion, we usually turn those items that people carry around into poker scanning camera for poker analyzer system, just like keychain.

The keychain we sell is very common in the market. It features exquisite appearance and fine workmanship. The camera lens installed inside the keychain is completely concealable and other people won’t be able to discover its existence. Normally, its scanning distance is 20 to 40 centimeters, but if you prefer to customize the scanning distance according to your own needs, we can satisfy your demand as well.

Our keychain poker camera for poker analyzer system can play a great role in poker cheat by scanning barcode marked cards quickly, accurately and stably. After the scanning, it will immediately transfer the collected data to your poker analyzer, no matter it’s PK King, CVK or AKK series. You can hear the poker results reported by your poker analyzer as soon as it finishes analyzing the data.

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