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KEM marked cards poker for poker cheating

KEM cards have been one of the best cards brands in the world. It is more and more popular. KEM cards are made of cellulous acetate material which is the most durable plastic mainly used for producing poker cards.

The KEM marked cards poker I talk about today are different from the common KEM poker cards. It is used for poker cheating to help poker player to win lots of money. KEM marked cards poker are printed with invisible ink on the back or along the edge of poker cards so that there are two types of KEM marked cards poker, back marked cards poker and edge marked cards poker. In order to cheat perfectly, the former needs to work with poker perspective glasses, and the latter needs to cooperate with poker analyzer system.

The KEM marked cards poker has no chromatic aberration from the original one. Except for KEM marked cards, there are other brands marked cards available in our company, such as Bicycle marked cards, Modiano marked cards, Copag marked cards and so on.

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