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KEM invisible ink marked cards

In many countries, there are many poker players like using the Kem cards, especially in USA. If that’s the case for you, we can offer you all types of Kem invisible ink marked cards, you can approach us for KEM Arrow, KEM Paisley and so on.

With the most advanced technology and equipment we apply to the processing course of KEM playing cards, our KEM marked poker cards are much better than those made by our counterparts in many ways.

First, in spite of the marks, there is nearly no chromatic aberration between our KEM marked cards and the original KEM playing cards.

Second, our KEM marked cards won’t be sticky to one another, and thus giving you the original hand feel.

Third, marks printed on both the backs and edges of KEM playing cards are water-resistant and wear-resistant, capable of still being scanned by poker cameras even after you rub the cards against table or immerse them in water. Besides, they can stay unfading as long as 2 years!

Fourth, although the back marks and card edge marks are totally invisible to human eyes, yet you can clearly see the former through corresponding poker perspective glasses and see the latter on poker analyzer screen.

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