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K4 Poker Card Analyzer Poker Cheating Device

Do you know that why so many poker players like to use K4 poker analyzer to win poker games? The reason is that it is the latest AKK poker analyzer with progressive technology to help you win money without any pressure.

No matter the K4 poker analyzer is used to cheat at poker games, you can see several powerful functions in the following.

It has a faster speed than any other kind of poker analyzer for analyzing data from poker card camera.
There is a real Samsung cell phone for you to make phone call, receive phone call, send massages and so on.

There has a scanning camera inside and if you want to use other poker scanning camera(car key poker camera, lighter poker camera, cell phone poker camera and so on),that is OK.

It has Bluetooth function and other poker analyzers don’t have this function.

Besides these functions above, the K4 poker analyzer is an all-in-one poker analyzer that you don’t need to use an earpiece to hear the poker game result, because the game result will display in the K4 poker analyzer. It will appear in the form of time.

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