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Juice Marked Cards

Juice marked cards are very usefully and tactfully used at cards playing cheat. In addition to the finish products, we offer an extensive custom service.

The juice marked cards can be customized in line with different forms. I will illustrate some main requirements as follows : First of all, any brand of poker cards can be processed like Copag playing cards or Modiano playing cards. Second, all materials of poker cards are allowed to be custom regardless of paper material or plastic one. Third, the cards can be designed as different juice marked cards like IR/UV invisible ink marked cards for IR/UV invisible ink readers, barcode marked cards for poker analyzer or back marked cards for spy camera lenses, to meet your needs under different poker cheating conditions. Last, the marks on cards can be printed in line with your requirements like big number or small letter. With the custom made marked cards for your gamble cheat, the games can be mastered more easily and successfully.

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