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iPhone Phone Barcode Marked Cards Scanner

A common iPhone phone available from our company can be used for two totally different purposes: one is used as a communications tool to make contact in daily life, and the other is used as a poker scanner to scan barcode marked cards in poker games.

As a barcode marked cards scanner, the iPhone phone has been installed inside with a poker scanning camera which it’s pretty concealable and not easy to be discovered by someone else.

The poker scanning camera can play a great role in the poker cheating process by quickly scanning barcode marked cards, accurately collecting the cards’ information and immediately transferring the collected data to your poker analyzer, which can be PK King, CVK or AKK series. Your odds of losing money will be greatly reduced with your poker analyzer telling you who has got the best poker hand in advance.

In order for the poker scanning camera to work efficiently, you should keep the iPhone phone 20 to 40 cm from barcode marked cards. If you want to customize the scanning distance according your own needs, we will do our best to satisfy your demand.

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