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Invisible ink marked poker cards

How much you know about invisible ink marked poker cards? These marked poker cards are special and processed by normal poker cards. They are used for playing many kinds of poker cheat games.
Why so many poker players like to choose the invisible ink marked poker cards to play poker cheat?
We have two types of marked poker cards and two kinds of materials. They are barcode marked poker cards and back marked poker cards. The materials have plastic and paper. But most will choose the first material. We need to explain that you also need other poker cheating devices to work together when you use these marked poker cards. For example, the barcode marked poker cards are together with poker camera lens and the poker analyzers and so on. But the back marked cards are working with infrared poker contact lenses and invisible ink glasses.
These two types of invisible ink marked poker cards both can bring you a good effect, which can increase your winning odds in poker games.

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