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Invisible ink for infrared camera

Invisible ink is the vital part of making invisible ink marked cards. There are two ways to mark marked cards, one is to mark by professional printers, another is to mark on your own.

Marking marked cards by yourself might be a good way to save your time and money if you really cannot pay for the fee of professional printer. Of course, there are some little bit difference from the professional one comparing with yours. During the process of marking marked cards by yourself, high-quality invisible ink is the most paramount. Our company is a professional manufacturer mainly providing marked cards and invisible ink for poker players. You can find the high-quality invisible ink in our company. Our invisible ink, no like the others, can stay unfading as long as 2 years, which can be washable and durable.

You can also buy infrared camera and contact lenses to see the invisible ink of marked cards. Invisible ink, when the ink write on the cards, it cannot be seen by naked eyes, but can be seen by IR camera lens or contact lenses. This ink if you use for IR camera, then any cards is suitable, but if you use for contact lenses, then the red cards is OK and better under yellow light.

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