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Invisible Ink Contact Lenses With Juice Marked Deck

Poker players like to use invisible ink contact lenses to cheat at poker games. And when you use special poker contact lenses, you also need to use the back juice marked deck. They are suitable for the freshmen. Invisible ink contact lenses are for seeing marks on the back of poker cards.

Why do the invisible ink contact lenses see marks on the back? We have process these invisible ink contact lenses with a special invisible ink. And the invisible marked cards are also processed by this invisible ink. So when you wear these invisible ink contact lenses, you could see those marks on the back of poker cards clearly. At the same time, other poker players who don’t wear these contact lenses cannot see marks at all.

Using invisible contact lenses to see marked on the back of poker cards is very convenient and safe. You can use them to cheat at Blackjack, Texas hold’em, Omaha and other kinds of poker games. And these invisible contact lenses are softer than normal contact lenses.

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