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Infrared sunglasses to see invisible marked cards

Have you used the infrared sunglasses to cheat at poker games? If you have used this product, how do you think of it? Most poker players ask us about the information of infrared sunglasses, and we will introduce it in the following. Infrared sunglasses work with back invisible marked cards.

Infrared sunglasses have the same functions of infrared contact lenses. They all can let poker players to see marks on the back of invisible marked cards. Infrared sunglasses are processed by special invisible ink. When you wear them to see back invisible marked cards, you could know poker points and poker suits clearly. And these sunglasses are made by good quality material. They are safe and will not be easy to found by other poker players, even they want to check it. Infrared sunglasses are not different from the normal sunglasses in the appearance.

As the fast development of high technology, we have upgraded our infrared sunglasses to meet the requirement of our customers. You can buy the latest invisible ink sunglasses from our company. What is more, if you want to send your sunglasses for us to process, that is OK!

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