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Infrared invisible ink marked cards

Infrared invisible ink marked cards are printed with marks on the back of cards, indicating the numbers and suits of poker cards.

Not like the ultraviolet invisible ink marked cards, infrared invisible ink marked cards need to work with infrared poker camera and a partner. If you want to use infrared invisible ink marked cards, you need to hide the infrared poker camera in the high place in order to see the whole poker table. Chandelier, wall clock, wall picture are the best things to cover up the poker camera. After the poker camera finishes scanning the information of marked cards, your partner can see the marks on the screen of TV on the backstage, then he will tell you the result by the mini earphone.

Infrared invisible ink on the back of marked cards only can be seen by infrared poker camera. The naked eyes or contact lenses see nothing of marked cards. Therefore, using infrared invisible ink marked cards in poker games, you can play your poker games more confident and secret.

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