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Infrared Contact Lenses

Infrared contact lenses are used widely in the world. Many poker players like to use them to see through back invisible ink marked cards. And you could see many kinds of infrared contact lenses in the market, but you need to be careful to select them.

Infrared contact lenses could make each poker players play poker games to become a superman. This is a complete set of poker cheating product for you. It includes two infrared contact lenses and a small bottle cleaning ink. Before you play poker games, it is better for you to wash them. Infrared contact lenses is for reading back marked poker cards and back poker mahjong. Our product has no any limitation of light and you can use it any where you want.

Infrared contact lenses are used simply and you will not be found by other poker players. Before you start the poker cheating games, you need to wear the infrared contact lenses.


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