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  • Copag 1546 Marked Deck of Cards2017-05-05
  • we process normal Copag 1546 poker cards with poker printer and invisible ink into two kinds of Copag 1546 marked cards: Copag 1546 back marked cards and Copag 1546 barcode marked cards.
  • Luminous Marked Domino Tiles For Game Trick 2017-04-28
  • There is no difference in appearance between the processed Domino tiles and the regular Domino tiles to human naked eyes. Besides, the marked Domino tiles are not sticky with the luminous ink on their backs, giving you the original hand feel.
  • Automatic Scanning Table USB Cable Camera 2017-04-24
  • You can charge your cell phone and put it on the table. The mini camera inside will scan barcode marked cards and then sends the signal to the poker analyzer.
  • Marked Cards PC Scanning System For Blackjack2017-04-22
  • The whole poker cheating set includes a set PC poker analysis software, a wireless receiver and the marked playing cards, a poker scanner which can be hidden in our daily items like a car key, a lighter, a cell phone, a wall picture or a clock.

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