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  • Ceiling Lamp Infrared Camera 2018-06-12
  • Poker scanning camera fixed inside such items as power bank, watch, wallet, lighter and car key is usually used to scan barcode marked cards, while the poker camera fixed inside our ceiling lamps is used to scan back marked cards.
  • Modiano Texas Holdem Marked Playing Cards2018-06-11
  • The Modiano Texas Holdem marked playing cards are very easy to use, you just need put the marked cards on the table, then wear a pair of UV contact lenses, then you can see the invisible marks.
  • KEM invisible ink marked cards2018-06-09
  • If you use Kem cards, we offer you all types of Kem invisible ink marked cards, you can approach us for KEM Arrow, KEM Paisley and so on.
  • Cheating cards glasses to see invisible ink2018-05-30
  • Glasses sold by our company have three functions: making you look cool, preventing other poker players from reading any information in your eyes, and help you to see the invisible marks on the back of marked cards.
  • The new AKK poker analyzer AKK K52018-05-29
  • The AKK K5 poker analyzer is the thinnest poker analyzer so far in the market, featuring the original Samsung S6 mobile phone appearance design.

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