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  • Luminous invisible ink contact lenses for gray eyes2017-10-26
  • The invisible ink contact lenses for gray eyes is popular with gray-eyed players because of its bigger dyed circle. This kind of contact lenses adopts the sophisticated sandwish technology and laser dying technology.
  • Bicycle poker marked cards2017-10-26
  • Bicycle poker marked cards is one of the best quality and most used in casino for poker games all over the world. Bicycle poker marked cards are divided into two types, paper Bicycle poker marked cards and plastic Bicycle poker marked cards.
  • Best marked playing cards2017-10-25
  • Our company all produce high quality marked playing cards of many brands, such as Copag marked playing cards, Fournier marked playing cards, Bee marked playing cards, Modiano marked playing cards and so on.
  • Dealing shoe for Baccarat2017-10-24
  • We place a poker camera lens into the dealing shoe, which can scan the barcode invisible ink marked cards, making it more beneficial for your baccarat games.
  • Cheating marked playing cards2017-10-24
  • Cheating marked playing cards are divided into back marked playing cards and side marked playing cards with the accordance to the place of invisible marks.
  • Wall clock poker scanner2017-10-23
  • Wall clock marked cards poker scanner is a popular poker scanner with a wide area scanning and long distant scanning.

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