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  • Poker dealing shoes cheat at poker games2017-11-03
  • Our company can process the common dealing poker shoes in to a special poker dealing shoes with high technology to help you win lots of money at poker games.
  • Dal Negro Monkey marked cards with invisible ink2017-11-02
  • Dal Negro Monkey invisible ink marked cards is processed by the original playing cards we imported from Italy. It is made by 100% plastic, which is water-resistant, scuff-resistant and crimp-resistant.
  • Long distance camera lenses2017-11-01
  • The long distance camera lenses are usually disguised secretly in daily items, because they arise suspicions less in the poker games. The scanning distance of those long distance camera lenses could be 2 meters to 5 meters.
  • Marking cards with laser ink2017-11-01
  • The laser invisible ink is printed on the marked cards cannot be seen by other contact lenses, like infrared contact lenses or ultraviolet contact lenses or poker analyzer scanner.
  • Bicycle marked cards with high quality2017-10-31
  • Bicycle playing cards is one of the best brands of playing cards all over the world. All our bicycle marked cards are processed with this kind of bicycle playing cards by our professional printer.

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