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  • Invisible ink2017-11-15
  • Our company offer you the ink that can help you to mark the red cards for contact lenses, and the red and blue cards for IR camera.
  • CVK 400 poker analyzer2017-11-15
  • CVK 400 poker analyzer are equipped with two high-definition built-in camera lenses, capable of reading cards two times wider
  • Dice cheating devices2017-11-14
  • There are three dice cheating devices, remote control dice, x-ray dice scanner and spy camera.
  • AKK K30 poker analyzer2017-11-14
  • AKK K30 poker analyzers is one of AKK poker analyzers with a high technology. It is an all-in-one poker analyzer.
  • Marked cards contact lenses2017-11-10
  • Marked cards contact lenses is a kind of ultraviolet contact lenses to see through the invisible marks on the back of marked cards.
  • Texas Holdem poker analyzer system2017-11-10
  • Texas Holdem poker analyzer system consist of a host machine called poker analyzer, a scanning camera, barcode marked cards and a min earpiece.

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