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  • Bee No.92 marked playing cards2017-11-22
  • There are two types of Bee No.92 marked playing cards, back marked playing cards and edge marked playing cards.
  • KEM marked cards poker for poker cheating2017-11-21
  • KEM marked cards poker are printed with invisible ink on the back or along the edge of poker cards so that there are two types of KEM marked cards poker, back marked cards poker and edge marked cards poker.
  • Stainless water bottle poker scanner2017-11-20
  • Our company can provide the stainless water bottle with a mini poker camera lens inside, which is too concealable to be found by others.
  • Infrared invisible ink marked cards2017-11-17
  • Infrared invisible ink marked cards are printed with marks on the back of cards, indicating the numbers and suits of poker cards.
  • Copag jumbo face marked cards2017-11-17
  • Copag jumbo face marked cards is poker size marked cards with red and blue colors, made by100% plastic material.
  • Ultraviolet contact lenses to read marked cards2017-11-16
  • Ultraviolet contact lenses is made of a special material in the center of contact lenses with sophisticated sandwich technology, designed to read the back invisible ink of back marked playing cards.

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