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How to Mark Luminous Ink At Home

We have known luminous ink marked cards at cards tricks. In order to meet more people’s needs, we offer luminous ink to mark cards at home. So how to mark luminous ink at home?

We put the luminous ink into a pen, and this invisible ink pen looks like a regular pen from its appearance. After dried, the luminous ink filled in the pen will unreadable from our naked eyes. Used for cards marking, the pen can mark numbers or letters on the back of cards. The cards marked by the pen are called invisible ink marked cards that are useful for poker cards cheat. These marked cards can be read by our special invisible ink contact lenses or luminous ink sunglasses reading. With the luminous ink pen, you can mark cards at any time you want, and it is unnecessary for you to buy marked cards from other suppliers so that you can save a lot of money. At poker games, it is a great success for you to use the marked cards, and winning will become easier.

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