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How to Mark Cards With An Invisible Luminous Pen

In order to meet your more needs in poker games, we also offer technology and tools to mark poker cards by yourself. So how to mark cards with an invisible luminous pen?

This invisible luminous pen is specially designed to mark invisible ink marked playing cards. This kind of pen filled with the invisible ink to mark the letters or numbers of poker face on the back of cards.

By using this invisible luminous pen to mark playing cards, you can have the marked cards at any time you need to use. The marks on cards are invisible from our naked eyes and only our invisible ink contact lenses or infrared sunglasses can read them. If you use those devices for poker games, you will gain more chances to win.

If you want to mark cards by yourself, the invisible luminous pen is a good choice for you. Of course, we will offer our marking skill if you have a need.


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