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Handbag marked cards scanner

You can see many kinds of marked cards scanner in our company, the special handbag poker scanners are hot recently. This marked cards scanner can let you win Omaha poker game and Texas hold’em poker game.
You can see many advantages of the handbag marked cards scanner.
1, Handbag marked cards scanner between head telescopic distance: 220 to 270cm.
2, Up and down to adjust the distance: 50cm, Left and right to adjust the distance: 50cm.
3, you can use cell phone poker analyzer for analyzing: Texas / Omaha system, computer scanning analyzer system used remotely via the hand held by remote control, camera lens distance and range can be adjusted up and down about, precisely control the scanning range. The computer artificial observer adjustable appropriate location, convenient memory card marked range. Cell phone scan or computer scan prompted to play a sound, accurate range.
Handbag marked cards scanner works with poker analyzer and barcode marked cards. You can know the poker points and poker suits with the help of these useful poker cheating devices.

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