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Ultraviolet glasses used to detect invisible ink

Besides the Ultraviolet invisible ink contact lenses, you can use the Ultraviolet glasses to detect invisible ink of back marked cards.

Ultraviolet glasses are processed by good quality glasses and invisible ink. And you also need to use the back marked cards. So when you are cheating poker games with wearing the special Ultraviolet glasses to detect invisible ink. And then you can see the marks on the back clearly. There is no need to worry about that other poker players would pay attention to it, because these glasses has no difference between the regular one. Only the user can see the marks and other naked eyes can not see them. This device can be used to cheat at Texas hold’em, Omaha and other kinds of poker games.

With the help of Ultraviolet glasses, the chance of winning money has become bigger. And it is really safe and helpful product. If you like this device, don’t miss the chance?


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