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Fournier Spanish marked poker cards

Fournier Spanish cards are made of exquisite 100% plastic, washable and durable, crimp-resistant and scuff-resistant. These cards, with Spanish suits, feature detailed, traditional images that capture the national historical iconography of Spain. They come in either red or blue. Each deck is packaged in a sturdy clear plastic storage box, including either 40 or 50 cards for your choice.

Our company, GS, is one of the most famous and professional manufacturer who products marked cards for poker cheating. Fournier Spanish is one of the most popular products in our company. All of our Fournier Spanish marked cards, imported from Spain, are processed with invisible ink and poker printer by our proficient technicians. There are two way to mark the invisible ink on the Fournier Spanish marked poker cards. One is to print the invisible marks on the back of marked poker cards, another is to print invisible mark along the edge of marked poker cards.

Those marks on the Fournier Spanish marked poker cards are invisible which only can be seen by our special contact lenses and sunglasses. Thus, using Fournier Spanish marked poker cards in the poker games make you the best winner without arising anyone else's attention. In addition, Bicycle marked poker cards, Modiano marked poker cards, Copag marked poker cards and etc are also available from our company.

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