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Fournier marked poker cards

Fournier marked playing cards is one of the most as popular poker cards in casino as Copag marked deck cards all over the world. Today, I want to talk about one type of Fournier marked cards, Fournier 2008 marked poker cards.
Fournier 2800 marked poker playing cards is a poker-size, jumbo index cards - great for Texas Hold'em. This deck is packaged in a cardboard tuck box with the new holographic security seal. Each deck is made from the same proprietary materials and undergoes the same rigorous quality control procedures as those used for high-end casino customers. Each deck includes 52 cards, two jokers, and a courtesy card. Made in Spain, these cards are top of the line and will impress serious card players.
There are 2 colors of Fournier 2800 marked poker playing cards, red and black, these two colors of poker cards both can be marked well. We mark the cards by using invisible ink, the marks can be seen by luminous reader infrared contact lenses or poker cheating sunglasses, and you can read the colors and numbers. Big marks in the middle and small marks at four corners are both easy to be read.
Fournier 2800 marked poker playing cards with contact lenses can be used for different poker games, for example: Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Blackjack, Flush game, and many other poker games.

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