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Fournier 2818 Best Marked Deck With Glasses

Marked with the luminous marks on cards, the Fournier 2818 best marked deck to cheat at poker games are a kind of simplest ways to reach winning aim.

They are readable from IR/UV readers. These readers including IR contact lenses, IR sunglasses, UV contact lenses and UV sunglasses will recognize the marks clearly. The marks can be marked with a big front, a big number or a small letter to stand for the suits and points of poker faces. As long as you wear a pair of these readers, you will read the poker faces even if the cards face up. By taking this good chance to know the poker face in advance, this is a big advantage to make a betting or fold cards without any risk.

When it comes to the contact lenses, they are ideal for reading the best marked deck with good effect and concealment. With good quality and softness, they are harmless to your eyes. In addition, the lenses will keep the eye’s colors that your original cards have. There are different diameters of lenses for your options(ranging from 4mm to 12 mm) so that you can choose suitable one for your eyes. With this kind of perfect device at cards games, the whole cheating can be completed smoothly and efficiently.

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