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Edge Marked Cards Poker Scanning Camera Lens

You could buy different poker cheating devices from our company meet your requirement. Poker scanning camera lens is one of the best product for poker cheating.

We have short scanning distance and long scanning poker scanning camera lens for you choose from. Short distance poker scanning camera lens includes: cell phone poker scanner, wallet scanning camera, chip tray poker camera lens, watch poker camera lens, car key scanning camera and so on. The longest scanning distance can be reached at 90 cm, the shortest scanning distance can be reached at 5 cm. They could work together with any poker analyzer, no matter all in one analyzers or regular poker analyzers.

Before cheating at poker games, you just need to put the scanning camera lens on the table and then it will scan the edge invisible ink marked cards automatically. And the poker analyzer inside your pocket will receive the signal and gives out the accurate games result.

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