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Different camera lens for poker scanner

There are back invisible ink marked cards and barcode invisible marked cards. Barcode marked cards need to work with poker scanner and poker analyzer. The camera lens inside poker scanner is in the disguise of daily necessities.

Thus, the cheating with barcode marked cards is safe and convenient. If you want to use poker analyzer, it is necessary to use barcode marked cards camera lens. There are different kinds of camera lens: cigarette box camera lens, lighter camera lens, chip tray camera lens, watch camera lens, clock camera lens, button camera lens, ashtray camera lens, belt camera lens and so on.

There are different occasions to use these camera lenses. Nowadays, there less people like to use cell phone camera lenses that need to put them on the table, because people in the casino have a high vigilance. Therefore, it is better for you to choose a hidden camera lens to deceit at poker games, you could use this belt camera lens, no one will check your belt and it is a small camera lenses inside your belt.

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