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Da Vinci marked cards for wholesale

Da Vinci invisible ink marked cards are one of the most recommended poker cards among all the brands of marked cards in our GS company.

Da Vinci playing cards are recognized as the finest cards all over the world, comparing to KEM poker cards and Copag cards. Made of 100% plastic, they will not scratch, tear or crease under normal playing condition. Washable and durable, a properly cared for deck will last for years and years.

We usually have two ways to mark the Da Vinci playing cards. One is to mark the invisible ink on the back of playing cards, showing the numbers and suits. Another is to mark the invisible ink along the edge of playing cards, showing the bar code.

Back invisible ink Da Vinci marked cards need to work with marked cards contact lenses and poker cheating sunglasses, while edge barcode Da Vinci marked cards are required to work with poker analyzer system.

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