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CVK poker scanning system for Omaha

The game of Omaha is widely played by people all around the world. In order to reduce the chance of losing, many players use Omaha poker scanning system to help them increase the winning odds. If you also want to do this, we recommend you to use our CVK poker scannign system for Omaha.

This system consists of three parts: a CVK poker analyzer with poker scanner, barcode marked cards and a mini earphone. It is applicable to 4-card-Omaha, 5-card-Omaha and 6-card-Omaha and Omaha hi-low.

CVK poker analyzer is the most advanced poker analyzer so far in the market, only which features two original sound transmission functions and two original image transmission functions. It has been fixed with a high-definition image recognition software, which can improve the accuracy of image recognition. Thus, it can report poker results more quickly, accurately and stably no matter its screen face up or down. The results can be reported by this analyzer in different ways like the biggest winner hand, the second winner hand, ranking of each player, flop, turn or river. You can receive the poker results through the mini earphone. According to what you have heard, you can play the following part of the game cautiously and wisely.

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