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CVK Poker Analyzer For Barcode Luminous Marked Cards at Omaha

Omaha poker games are very popular among poker players, while the winning odds can't be guaranteed, in order to meet different requirement for different customers with different poker games, we develop the CVK poker analyzer scanning system, which can be used in different poker games to help you know the winner in advance, so it can add your winning odds at poker games, also including the Omaha games.

The whole set of CVK poker analyzer system includes: a CVK poker analyzer, scanning camera, barcode luminous ink marked cards, mini earpiece. The CVK poker analyzer is different from the old poker analyzer, it has a local scanning camera, the scanning distance of the poker analyzer local is 20-45 cm. So the CVK also can be a scanning camera, if you need the scanning distance is 20-45 cm, so you needn't buy one more the extra scanning camera, you just need the CVK poker analyzer camera. And you just need to put the CVK poker analyzer on the table and then it will scan barcode marked cards automatically. At last, you will know the game result quickly and accurately. But if you want to have a long scanning distance scanner, you can use the Power Bank scanner, wallet scanning camera, button poker scanner, clock scanning camera and other camera.

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