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CVK 500 Poker Card Analyzer

 Some people play poker games for fun, some for money, but many more play poker games for both fun and money. If winning money is what you want most in poker games, why not try our poker cheating devices --. CVK 500 poker analyzer.
The latest all in one CVK 500 poker card analyzer has been quite popular among poker players who like cheating at Andar Bahar, in addition to which the CVK 500 poker card analyzer can also work for Texas holdem, Blackjack, 9 point and some other games. This device is based on CVK 350 poker analyzer but much more advanced: First, with 2 cameras lenses inside, CVK 500 poker analyzer reads cards two times wider than CVK350 equipped with just one camera lens with at the same speed. Second, bluetooth earpiece goes with CVK 500 poker analyzer, enabling you to hear sound within 2 meters from the analyzer, while what goes with CVK350 ones is wireless earpieces, limiting the distance within 50 centimeters; Third, CVK 500 poker card analyzer can read cards with its screen up or down but CVK 350 works only when its screen is up.The message sent by this device can help you know in advance the results of different poker games without arousing suspicion of other players.

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