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CVK 400 poker analyzer

There are many types of CVK poker analyzer in our company for cheating in poker games to help players to win lots of money. Next, we are going to talk about CVK 400 poker analyzer.

CVK 400 poker analyzers are based on CVK 350 ones, but much more advanced:

CVK 400 poker analyzer work for all poker games like Texas holdem, Omaha, Blackjack etc.They are are equipped with two high-definition built-in camera lenses, capable of reading cards two times wider than CVK 350 ones equipped with just one camera lens at the same speed.

Bluetooth earpiece goes with CVK 400 poker analyzers, enabling you to hear the reporting sound within 2 meters from the analyzers, while what goes with CVK 350 poker analyzers is wireless earpiece, limiting the distance to 50m. CVK 400 poker analyzers can read cards with their screen up or down, while CVK 350oness can only work with their screen up.

With these advantages, cheating at poker games will be much easier than before. If you are looking for such an excellent and proficient poker analyzer, I promise our CVK 400 is your best choice.

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