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Copag Ethnic contact lenses marked cards

Copag playing cards are the most famous and popular poker cards in the world by poker players for its high quality and good looking. The Copag Ethnic marked cards in our GS company are all processed with invisible marks by high-quality Copag Ethnic playing cards.

Copag Ethnic marked cards are made of plastic which are completely durable and washable, crimp-resistant and scuff-resistant. One set of Copag Ethnic marked cards includes two decks, packaged in a transparent hard plastic case. There are three colors of marked cards, black, white, brown. Each deck comes in bridge size and jumbo index.

There are two types Copag Ethnic marked cards, back marked cards and edge marked cards. Back marked cards need to work with infrared poker perspective glasses for seeing through the back invisible marks. Edge marked cards need to work with poker analyzer system to decode the edge invisible barcode.

Many other brands marked cards are available in our GS company cooperating with many other poker readers.

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