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Contact Lenses Marked Playing Cards

We have many various kinds of contact lenses marked playing cards, no matter which brand of marked playing cards you need, you also can find in our company, marked playing cards can work with IR invisible ink contact lenses or invisible ink pen glasses.
Excellent marked playing cards are also known as " readers". Such marked poker playing cards can easily be identified by looking at the back of marked cards.
At the same time it is possible to buy specially manufactured marked cards, the usual method would be for the card cheat to mark the cards themselves during a game. A whole deck of cards can easily be ‘doctored' fairly quickly. Although most cheats would probably just mark the higher value cards. Since there is virtually no skill (except for avoiding attention) to marking cards it is an appealing cheating method for many cheats. The cheat can mark cards in a variety of ways. The most common way of marking cards is by putting a nail mark into the card by squeezing the card between the thumb and forefinger.
But the manual marks are not good and safe, which maybe can be seen by naked eyes, and when you use the invisible ink to mark the cards in poker games, you maybe will be detect by others, so the contact lenses marked playing cars is much safer for you, our technical staff print the marked cards with special luminous invisible ink by marking cards machine, the marks are very clearly and can't be seen by naked eyes, only when you wear our invisible ink contact lenses, you can see the invisible marks on the back of marked playing cards, so you can know the poker face in advance.


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