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Contact lenses for seeing marked poker cards

Contact lenses for seeing marked poker cards contain IR contact lenses and UV contact lenses. They can be used to see through back marked poker cards. And it is very comfortable and reliable to wear these invisible ink contact lenses.

If you do not care about change your eyes’ color, you can use this kind of cheapest invisible ink contact lenses. With these invisible ink contact lenses, you can see the marks very clearly. Since some customers never wear contact lenses before, at the first several times they feel not so comfortable. So you can increase wearing time gradually such as First time, you can wear 2 hours. Second time, you can wear 4 hours and then increase time gradually. All invisible ink contact lenses will not have any side effect on users’ eyes. And the more you purchase the more discounts you can get.

No matter which type of invisible ink contact lenses you choose to use, they all can help your pok

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