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Cigarette Lighter Poker Cards Scanner for Different Poker Games

Cigarette lighter poker cards scanner is very safe and let you win many types of different poker games. Have you ever used the cigarette lighter poker scanning lens? Do you know how it work?
Cigarette lighter poker cards scanner is used to work together with poker analyzer and edge invisible ink marked cards. This is a single poker scanning lens type and there is only one set of poker cards camera lens hidded into the lighter. The poker camera lens is HD lens with this kind of poker scanning lens and you can play the cards in dark room. When you turn the power on, and let the lens face towards the edge marked cards, it will scan on the cards immediately and send the value to the analyzer. You will hear the result through mini-earphone.
Cigarette lighter poker cards camera lens looks like a normal cigarette lighter in the appearance, and it has the real function of read cigarette lighter, you can use it to ligh the cigarette. Therefore, other poker players will not notice your lighter poker camera lens.

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