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Cigarette box poker scanning camera for invisible ink marked cards

I have told about the cigarette poker scanning camera before. And we have known that most of gamblers like smoking while playing poker games in casino or poker clubs. Next, I would like to talk about other poker camera linked to cigarette---cigarette box poker scanning camera.
The cigarette box scanning camera I share with you today is a special cigarette box with a tiny camera lens inside that is powerful to assist you in winning a large number of money in poker games in casino without being caught. How does it work? Take it easy, it work simply. We place two mini camera lens into the cigarette box that is high definition lens. In the casino, what you need to do is put the cigarette box on the poker table, attracting no attention, and then turn on the box. After that, it would work by itself, scanning the invisible ink marked poker cards on the table, sending the data to poker analyzer that is used to decode the data and report the result to you by mini spy earphone. The cigarette box poker scanning camera is able to work with any poker analyzer in our company, such as CVK 500 poker analyzer, AKK poker analyzer, PK king poker analyzer and so on. If you are looking for some good concealable daily objects to cheat in poker games, why not have a try with us.

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