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Chip tray poker scanning camera for your Texas Holdem poker games.

Chip tray is the thing most commonly used in casino to hold players' chip. That means it is the best cheating device for players without being detected in poker games.

How to use it smoothly in Texas Hold'em games without risk?

First, A tiny scanning camera lens is installed into the common chip tray, which will never arise others suspicion because it is so mini that has a perfect conceal. Then, the inside tiny camera lens read the barcode marked poker cards and send the signal to the poker analyzer quickly. With the HD camera lens, there are no barriers on the table to interrupt its scanning function. Within three to five seconds, poker players hear the final result of the games in advance.

Chip tray poker scanning camera is a the best assistance to assist players to win their Texas games with 100% accuracy. If you are using poker analyzer system to cheat in poker games, chip tray is your best choice.

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