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Chip Tray Poker Scanner

The chip tray is very commonly used in poker gambling casinos. With the advancement of technology, the high poker cheating products are booming.

The chip tray poker scanner is very powerful for poker games cheating. There is a poker cheat mini camera built in the chip tray. Besides the finished chip tray camera, we also accept the special custom service for designing your own stylish chip tray poker scanner.

First, the chip tray can be fixed in many kinds of poker table like Texas poker table. You can send your own poker table to be processed by us. Second, the poker cheat mini camera can be made with rough scanning scope for you. And if you want the specific scanning distance, we are able to design for you. Third, the chip tray can be fixed several poker cheat poker camera inside. For example, one camera, two or three cameras are OK for your cheating. In addition, the custom chip tray mini camera can be designed for one poker analyzer or many poker analyzers. Generally, the custom chip tray poker cards camera can meet your further requirements well in some card playing occasions.

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